Leaving a gift to the Greens is one of the most meaningful contributions a person can make to the future of our party – and the country itself.

Thank you to our donors and their families for their foresightedness, generosity and contribution towards creating a future for all us.



Louise Crossley

Among many achievements over her remarkable life, one of Louise’s most enduring legacies is the creation of the first Global Greens Charter in 2001. Before that, she became the first convenor of the Tasmanian Greens in 1992, ran for the Senate in 1998, and was one of the first convenors of the Australian Greens after its formation in 1992.

Even after being diagnosed with cancer in 2012, Louise remained active in the party until her passing in 2015. Louise left substantial gifts in her will to both the Australian Greens and the Tasmanian Greens, in addition to several other charitable organisations.

Louise’s practical foresight is enabling The Greens to continue to develop our work and improve our impact towards the vision she shared with us – a final act of kindness that will benefit future generations.

Pauline Lyngå

Pauline was a nurse and a trained midwife, as well as a wife to Gösta and the mother of three daughters. She was committed to do the best for our world and for the future of her seven grandchildren.

The environment was very important to Pauline, who was an active member of Cooleman Ridge Park Care group and posthumously received an award for her volunteering. She was also a supporter of Plan International for many years, committed to creating better opportunities for children in developing countries.

Pauline was a long-term member of The Greens and spent many hours letterboxing and volunteering at election campaign stalls. She generously left a sizable donation in her will to the Greens upon her passing in 2011.

Neroli Colvin

Neroli was a journalist, journalism trainer and rare disease advocate whose life was guided by deep passions that spanned the environment, arts, politics and beyond.

She was a strong supporter of the Greens during her life, drawn to the movement’s focus on socially progressive politics as well as the environmental aspect.

As a volunteer and long-term member, Neroli saw the Greens as a strong and organised voice for promoting environmental conservation and fighting for stronger climate change policy. Her legacy is kept alive by the generous bequest she left to the Greens upon her passing in 2018.



Ian Rudd (2016)
Peter and Patricia Shaw (2016)
Cecily Dignan (2015)


Michelle Wellard (2015)
Aina Matilda Ranke (2014)
John Vincent White (2009)


Karen Alexander
Stephen Bannister
Carol Beaumont & Geoffrey Kidd
Anne Boxhall
Andy Breaden
Jennie Brennan
Edward Brockwell
Susan Buckley
Ashley Campbell
Margarette Castle
Marie Cowling
John Cox
David Dawson
Jeremy Dore
William Douglas
Alex Downs
Mary and Allen Droste
Joshua Fergeus
Linda Gale
Diana Giblin
Rosalie Gorton-Lee
Jocelyn Hall
Scott Hamilton-Smith
Helen Harris OAM
Murray Haseler
Michael Henderson


Christina Hill
Tobias Hudson
Jeanette Hyland
Rehka Indrasamy
Ann Johnson
Peter Johnson
Belinda Kendall-White
Mary Kolusniewski
Stuart Knibbs
Anne Layton-Bennett
Colin Letham
Gösta Lyngå
Jane MacDonald
Helena Manos
Jean Marsh
Linda Marshall
Kenneth McAlpine
Michael McDougall
Andrew McPhail
Drusilla Megget
Lisa Milner
Sharon Miskell
Hillary Morris
Nikki Mortier
Joan Nelson
Anne Oakey



Robyn O’Connor
Rosemarie Read
Ian Richards
Benjamin Richardson
Peter Robertson
Rosalie Schultz
Jennifer Shanley
David Sherwood
Marian Smedley
Andy Smerdon
Colin Smith
Trevor Smith
Sandra Sondreal
John Spurgin
Beverley Symons
Mark Taylor
Gavan Thomson
Jill Trotter
Melva Truchanas
Erik Vahl Meyer
Wendy Merefield-Ward
Peter Welcher
Heather Williams
John Wishart